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Directed by Eric Appel. A runtime of one hour and twenty-five minutes. Streaming as a film on PrimeVideo but also streaming episodically on The Roku channel. With a TV-MA rating.

Kevin Hart is playing a version of himself. Tired of getting typecast as the comedic relief. Feeling like he’s getting pigeonholed in comedy films. Kevin wants to branch out into the action world and be an action star. All the action films he gets now are because someone else is carrying the load, someone like a Dwayne Johnson type.

After blowing up on a “Live with Kelly and Ryan” type show. This time hosted by “Leah” played by Milan’s Vayntrub who you might know as the woman from the AT&T commercials. She has a lot more to offer than just those commercials. As well as “Mikey” played by Jason Jones.

Kevin is about to lose everything because of how he acted on this daytime tv show. His agent “Danny Morrison” played by Brandon Quinn gets him a meeting with famed action director “Claude Van De Velde” played by Jean Reno. This is his final shot at being an action star and maybe the final shot of his career.

“Claude,” tells Kevin he must enter an action star workshop. Ran by “Ron Wilcox” played by John Travolta. There he meets “Jordan King” played by Nathalie Emmanuel. Another star that’s been pigeonholed into certain roles trying to branch out into action. “Ron” Wilcox” enlists the help of Josh Hartnett playing himself. But not everything is as it seems. Kevin will have to learn that the hard way in this “Tropic Thunder” type film.

“Die Hart” was very clever. The premise, the storyline, hell even the title. It got a little confusing at times because I didn’t know if the actor were playing themselves, a character of themselves, or someone completely different.

It was silly but entertaining nonetheless. Similar to “True Story” I felt like there was some truth to the film. John Travolta played his character well. He was funny. As a whole the film was unique and I enjoyed watching it. Even though it took you on this wild ride. I will say I’ve mentioned “Tropic Thunder” type film a few times lately. Let’s keep it unique and not become repetitive. I give this film four mor fires 🔥🔥🔥🔥.






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